Anybody can look, anybody can point a camera.

It's another matter to see with a camera, to give an image the spin and vigor it takes to tell a story. Character, excitement, style, and a sense of personal involvement are all part of the best photographers' visual vocabulary.

Trained as a sociologist, Janet Century has a head start on the informed, compassionate viewpoint needed to produce the sort of pictures that teach us about ourselves. Her internationally recognized photographic artistry has been honed over a career spanning the last 25 years—learning, seeing, and sometimes teaching through her camera's always acute eye.

In order to give you the complete Janet Century Photography experience, we are currently redesigning this website. Until that process is complete, we encourage you to view the online portfolio. If you have any questions about the services provided by Janet Century Photography, please call Janet at 216.721.4501 or contact her by e-mail at

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Janet's photograph "Embrace" won first place in the lifestyle
category of the Women in Photography International's
"Beauty Camera Eye of the Beholder" competition


View the new exhibit
of images from
Ingenuity 2005.